Vision To Mission In 3 Easy Steps

Where You are?; Where Do You Want to Go?; What is Stopping you?

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      What This Course Will Give You?

      • How to Find where you want to
      • How to practically find out
        our reality
      • What are the symptoms of not
        having clarity
      • What to do when you don't know
        what to do
      • Why we don't do when we know
        what we should do
      • How to make ourselves do what
        we know we should do
      • Difference between activity
        and productivity.
      • Why do people find it
        difficult to find their
      "This course is excellent learning for me. I learned how to specify your goals. Another powerful statement is that choosing your vehicle to achieve your goals and destination is most important. You can breakage your unwanted thoughts and give clarity from vision to mission possible. Peak Impact mentorship. Impacting My different versions of Myself, it's genuinely Creating a leader of each in PIM Organization. Thank you 🙏"
      "Amazing Course....  
      In this course, I have learned
      1) Fail Fast, Fail Early, Fail more and Learn  

      2) Find out the clarity of where you want to go  

      3) Where I am present to achieve my destinations"

      IT, Hyderabad

      "This course gives you clarity on How to reach your potential? From here to where... It is so important to know yourself to Grow. This is what Bijay is talking in this course. Which gives an idea as to what needs to be improved and what needs to be removed. Direction and preparation are needed to reach true potential. Thanks, Bijay and PIM, for the value addition"
      Ashish Pattnaik

      IT, Bangalore