Step by step guide of making right decisions

Finding Out Your Vision-Mission-Passion-Roadmap

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      What You Will Get In This Course?

      • Why We Struggle To Make Right
      • How to evaluate the right
      • Secrets of making difficult
      • The Dilemma of options
      • Triangle of choice-making
      • What are the different
        categories of choices
      • What are the various
        categories of people when it
        comes to choices
      • How to evaluate our career
      • How to deal with an opposing
        manager when you have to make
        difficult choice
      • the secret of a rare skill
        that will make your decision
        making easy

       "Thank you, Bijay sir, for creating this Course on "6 Truth about choices." Though I know what happens when we resist changes, your session gave me greater clarity on the below points you explained based on your own experience. 1. Changing for the sake of change is useless and a wastage of energy. 2. Changes before you need to changes will lead to a massive victory. 3. Changing when you need to changes is ok to change; you will get success. 4. Changing after you are supposed to change is a loss of opportunity. 5. Refusing to changes leads to severe loss in life. Thank you!!

      Dilip Gupta

       "This course gave me clarity on the following: Learn to be happy in any circumstances. Adapt to change, take action at the right time. Change is personal, possible, and profitable. Never hesitate or fear to change. Do the right things even if people discourage you. Overcome fear of losing money, efforts and respect to become the better version of yourself

      Krishna Chaitanya

      "Hello Bijay Sir, so far I was thinking that people having more outstanding strength only get success and make a difference. But with the graph you presented and it's surprising to know, even someone having a single strength area also can put 64 people behind him. And leaders with outstanding strength also put 34 people behind also yet another surprise. It was really great learning session. Thank you so much!!!"
      Kushal Gupta
      "The irritating truth of being restless in today's contemporary world is because of 2 traits 1. Lack of focus in anything we are doing 2. No patience/ respect for delayed gratification Bijay unfolded the concept in a very intuitive maner. It was a gem of a course."
      Ashish Pattnaik
      "It was is a great course, and lot of learning for career growth. I will apply some of the learning 1 - Give more and become expert on your work area 2 - Take more responsibility and ask to your manager where you help him."
      Budhaditya Das