Secret Of Controlling Your Monkey Mind

Mind Mastering 101

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      What You Will Get In This Course?

      • 3 Fundamentals of The Monkey
      • Priority Management is all
        about Pain Management
      • Fundamentals of Acceptance &
        Commitment Therapy
      • How to apply ACT in your life
      • 5 Simple steps to Implement
      • 5 Simple steps to condition
        your Mind for Productivity
      • 8 Steps of Adapting a New
      • How to be a 5:30 AM person
        from a late-night person
      "Boost your productivity by using pomodoro techniques, announce goal in public, schedule dedicated time for distraction"
      "I mastered the following distractions 1. trying to do work perfect 2. Feeling work is routine 3. more meetings 4. whats app & Facebook"
      Tejeswara Reddy
      "thanks for the session which enlighten us to think about 6 root cause of distraction and 6 easy steps to fix these to become more productive."
      Biswajit Ojha