How To Make The Best Use of M.I.S.T.A.K.E.S

Mistakes Can Make You Or Break You

Course Summary

You will master the following: 

How To Handle Rejections gracefully

False Esteem Vs. Real Esteem

How To Prepare our kids for Success

How To handle the worst circumstances of life

How To see good in you when things are not working

The Trap of The Microwave Mentality

If You are working on your weakness, You Can't Succeed

How To identify your strength zone

Stop Practicing that is causing you all the pain

How not to take yourself seriously

Course Curriculum

Bijay Khandal

Vishnu Dileesh

Break the glass ceiling of preconceived notions. Give the mental space to reflect upon life. The journey has to move on - be open to switching paths.


I learned how to delete the bad episodes of my life by being more and more relax !

Suresh Pathak

Excellent session, These are my major takeaways. 1) Hard work and Not Talent are key to Success. 2) Keep stretching yourself. 3) Be a bouncing rubber ball.

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  • How To Make The Best Use of M.I.S.T.A.K.E.S
  • 999 INR

    Mistakes and Success are the 2 sides of a coin

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  • How Are Perceptions are formed
  • How To Create empowering paradigms
  • How To Get Rid of the Limiting Perceptions
  • 4 Steps of Failure
  • Difference between suffering and pain
  • How To use the delays of life effectively
  • How To decode the signals of life
  • How To Improve our awareness
  • How to Get the emotional mastery
  • Summary of life in 5 statements