How To Find Your Passion for a More Fulfilling Career?

Finding Out Your Vision-Mission-Passion-Roadmap

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      Finding Out Your Passion

      • How to identify your strengths
        & Weakness
      • How to Validate your strengths
        & Weakness
      • What is the right Methodology
        to Validate Your Strengths
      • You will learn how interest
        evolve with time and
      • How to adapt to the varying
      • How to measure those
      • You will learn how to
        transcend those interests and
        find an opportunity by
      • How to Find where you want to
      • How to practically find out
        our reality?
      • Symptoms of not having
      • What to do when you don't know
        what to do?
      • Why don't we do when we know
        what we should do?
      • How to make ourselves do what
        we know we should do.
      • Difference between activity
        and productivity.
      • Why do people find it
        difficult to find their
      • You will learn how to identify
        a good career path for you.
      • You will learn how to identify
        what will be soul-satisfying
        work for you.
      • You will learn how to do a
        feasibility test on what is
        possible in your car
      • You will understand the
        difference between what you
        are good at and what yo
      • Finally, you will also learn
        what to do to do what you want
        to do.
      • You will identify the work
        that will satisfy Your Soul.
      • What is a blind risk, and What
        is a calculated risk.
      • Symptoms of wrong career path
      • Understand the difference
        between what you want & what
        you are good at.
      • Difference between what drives
        you and what will satisfy you.
      • You will get to know what is a
        good failure and what is a bad
      • You will get to know how to
        get meaning to the failures.
      • You will understand the
        process of accomplishing a
      • You will understand the power
        of a mastermind.
      • You will get to know the
        secret of choosing the right
      • You will understand what the
        role of a mentor is.
      • You will understand what the
        role of a mentee is.
      • You will get the 4 secret
        questions you should ask a
      • what is the right expectation
        to set while chasing a goal

       "What a breathtaking Course. The quality Bijay has is he very well known, what we need and in a lucid manner shows us the path to move forward. This course is about passion, one thing that is very tough to identify. Bijay laid out a very simple way how we can seek our passion. Key takeaways for me were- 1. How to identify our strengths 2. Verifying the beliefs that we identified from the strengths 3. The power of reviewing our beliefs over a period of time. We all are treading in life ahead with no goals, no roadmaps just following the herd. Through Bijay we can get a platform for all to grow in personal and professional life. To give a 360-degree turn to your life and your thought process, I recommend you this course highly to start by knowing your Passion

      Saurabh Sharma
      IT Industry

       "It is an amazing course. Bijay used Mindmaps to explain how one can Identify their passion in Life. These Mindmaps are simple, clear, yet powerful. This course will help to discover one's strengths, weaknesses, interests, and Opportunities. He gave his own example to connect these areas, giving terrific insights into applying these in my Life to understand my passion.

      Shahid Shaik

       "The best line I liked in this Course was, "It's not my company's responsibility to train me, and it's my own." This amazing Course is designed to introspect ourselves and help move forward with four outstanding questions, 4 C's, and a live visualization technique. The Live Visualization demonstration took my thinking and mindset to a different level. This Course is one of the best Courses I have gone through to translate an idea into action.

      Harpreet Singh
      IT Industry

      "Thank you, Bijay sir, for releasing yet another fantastic course. All the points you covered in this Course, I am experiencing in my daily life. I have been following PIM for 2years, started working on my growth path. I am growing in my professional career and also in my personal life. Thank you.."
      Dilip Gupta
      "This Course Gives: Clarity on what we are doing. An amazing Course that gives lots of clarity to make our decisions in life, find our passion, and implement our ideas ( business plan ) into reality.."
      Sanjay Kumar K
      "Methodical approach to understand yourself and help you to grow. That is the crucial part of all Bijay's sessions under Peak Impact Mentorship. You will understand yourself by doing the task or workshop curated based on the session and love it..."
      Budhaditya Das