6 Truth About Choices

Dilemma Of Choices; Secret of choices

Course Summary

This Course will give you answer to the 6 tough questions.

 Why do people make bad choices?

What are the Struggles of making Great Choices?

How To Evaluate Choices?

What is the reality of a change?

Why do people give up on their decisions?

What to do if you have made some bad choices in the past?

Course Curriculum

Bijay Khandal

Dilip Gupta

IT Industry, 20+ Years of Experience, Pune

Thank you, Bijay sir, for creating this Course on "6 Truth about choices." 

Though I know what happens when we resist changes, your session gave me greater clarity on the below points you explained based on your own experience. 

1. Changing for the sake of change is useless and a wastage of energy. 
2. Changes before you need to changes will lead to a massive victory. 
3. Changing when you need to changes is ok to change; you will get success. 
4. Changing after you are supposed to change is a loss of opportunity. 
5. Refusing to changes leads to severe loss in life. Thank you!! 

Krishna Chaitanya

15 years into HR Hyderabad

This course gave me clarity on the following:

Learn to be happy in any circumstances. 
Adapt to change, take action at the right time. 
Change is personal, possible, and profitable. 
Never hesitate or fear to change. 
Do the right things even if people discourage you. 
Overcome fear of losing money, efforts and respect to become the better version of yourself

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  • 6 Truths About Choices
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    How to make difficult choices

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  • Know the secret of Why do people make bad choices
  • Struggles & The Solutions of making Great Choices?
  • The secret of Evaluating Choices?
  • Find out the reality of a change?
  • Learn why people give up on their decisions and save yourself?
  • What to do if you have made some bad choices in the past?