5 Steps To Massive Productivity

Super achievers' productivity hack

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      What You Will Get In This Course?

      • Master the difference between
        busy and productive.
      • Activity is not an
      • The state of doing nothing
        helps you be productive.
      • How to develop a rhythm in
      • Correlations between
        creativity and stillness.
      • How disrupting the routine can
        boost productivity?
      • What is a not-to-do list
      • Importance of a not-to-do list
      • How to prioritize everyday
      • Power of 5 in a relationship,
        career, and health
      • Importance of creating margin
      "Key Takeaways : - Identify and replace your limiting beliefs - Name of 5 people with whom you hang out (Modelling Growth) - Learning with an open mindset and learning from others - Attitude to gratitude I have just mentioned the key points but the one and half hour practical session where you'll actually get to do all of these things is really an eye-opener."
      Aarav Raut
      "Great session, first time learned about not to do list of things which makes your life easy in many ways. Applying & Listing 5 important things for profession, personal life. keeping your 20% of time free everyday to be stress free."
      Krishna Chaitanya
      "Must take the course of Vijay sir.. If you implement the said word you are going to rock in upcoming time . Try it"
      Vivek Kumar