5 Easy Ways To Nurture Your Dream

Define your failures; expectation; Roadmap

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      What You Will Get In This Course?

      • You will get to know what is a
        good failure and what is a bad
      • You will get to know how to
        get meaning to the failures.
      • You will understand the
        process of accomplishing a
      • You will understand the power
        of a mastermind.
      • You will get to know the
        secret of choosing the right
      • You will understand what the
        role of a mentor is
      • You will understand what the
        role of a mentee is.
      • You will get the 4 secret
        questions you should ask a
      • what is the right expectation
        to set while chasing a goal

       "Keeping our dream alive is not an easy job as I see many of my friends who have lost their dreams that they had during college days. This course was very helpful with Bijay providing practical examples relating to his life on how we can Nurture our vision..

      Some of my key take away were : Reflecting on Good misses and the bad misses of my life Finding a mentor who helps you to find your passion, to pursue it, increase your belief levels to achieve your goals and helps in being persistent

      4 questions that a mentee should ask a mentor I.e.
      1. I asked you this question during our last call
      2. You told me to do this
      3. I did this accordingly
      4. Can I ask you more questions?

      Karthik Narayana
      12+ years Exp (IT Industry), Bangalore

       "First of all I would like to express my gratitude that I am the part of like minded people. This course was very thought provoking for me because I can relate with many areas. For me the most relevant point was that nobody is 100% ready so start it, even if you are having 50-60% information; GET IT ROLLING !!

      Dr. Nidhi Roy Choudhury
      Psychologist, Assistant Professor 6+ years Exp, Bangalore

      "Great Take-away from the course 5 Easy steps to Nurture your Dream - Good misses & Bad misses and thinking over learnings from these misses - Once you have 50-60% clarity on the subject, go ahead.  Thank you so much!!!"
      GopalKrishna Bhat

      IT professional

      "A great value addition happened today. Many wisdom nuggets Bijay served. One thing stuck me was get into action habit as soon as possible. Once you have 50-60% clarity on the subject, go ahead."
      Ashish Pattnaik

      IT Professional

      "This Course forced me to rethink all the good and bad decisions I have made. The wonderful thing I learned from this course is how should be the relationship between mentor and mentee. These are the wonderful questions that I should ask my mentor.  Here is what I asked last time Here is what you shared last time Here is what I have done after you had shared. Can I ask some more questions?  Thank you Bijay sir for the wonderful course."

      IT Professional