5 Easy Ways To Find Your Direction In Life

Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Interest & Opportunities

Course Summary

This course will give you 5 Major things:

Your strengths, weaknesses, interests, visualization & Opportunities

In The Strengths & Weakness Segment: 

How to identify your strengths & Weakness
How to Validate them 
Methodology to Validate

In The Interest Segment: 

You will learn how interest evolve with time and experience
How to adapt to the varying needs
How to measure those accomplishments

In the Visualization & Opportunity Segment:  

You will learn how to transcend those interest & finding an opportunity keeping the reality in mind

Course Curriculum

Bijay Khandal

Saurabh Sharma

Chandigarh (India)
IT (12+ years of Exp)

What a breathtaking Course. The quality Bijay has is he very well known, what we need and in a lucid manner shows us the path to move forward. 

This course is about passion, one thing that is very tough to identify. Bijay laid out a very simple way how we can seek our passion.   

Key takeaways  for me were- 

1. How to identify our strengths 
2. Verifying the beliefs that we identified from the strengths 
3. The power of reviewing our beliefs over a period of time.  

We all are treading in life ahead with no goals, no roadmaps just following the herd. Through Bijay we can get a platform for all to grow in personal and professional life. To give a 360-degree turn to your life and your thought process, I recommend you this course highly to start by knowing your Passion  --Saurabh Sharma Project Lead, Chandigarh (12+ years exp in IT)

Shahid Shaik

Banking Industry
IT Industry(14+ Exp)

It is an amazing course. Bijay used Mindmaps to explain how one can Identify their passion in Life. These Mindmaps are simple, clear, yet powerful. This course will help to discover one's strengths, weaknesses, interests, and Opportunities. He gave his own example to connect these areas, giving terrific insights into applying these in my Life to understand my passion.

Course Pricing

  • 5 Easy Ways To Find Direction In Life
  • 999 INR

    Identify Your Strengths & Opportunities

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  • You will learn how to identify your strengths.
  • You will learn the correct way to validate your strengths
  • You will learn what weaknesses to avoid
  • You will know what a fulfilling life looks like