4 Easy Steps To Turn Your Mission Into Reality

Identify Your Passion; Validate It & Implement It

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      What You Will Get In This Course?

      • You will identify the work
        that will satisfy Your Soul.
      • What is a blind risk, and What
        is a calculated risk.
      • Symptoms of wrong career path
      • Understand the difference
        between what you want & what
        you are good at.
      • Difference between what drives
        you and what will satisfy you.
      • You will get the clarity to
        chose the right path in your
      • You will learn how to climb
        your career ladder faster.
      • You will learn the secret
        sauce of consistency.
      • You will learn how to create
        the blueprint of your career.
      • Practical Demonstration of
        Visualization exercise.

       "The best line I liked in this Course was, "It's not my company's responsibility to train me, and it's my own." This amazing Course is designed to introspect ourselves and help move forward with four outstanding questions, 4 C's, and a live visualization technique. The Live Visualization demonstration took my thinking and mindset to a different level. This Course is one of the best Courses I have gone through to translate an idea into action. 

      Harpreet Singh
      12+ years Exp (IT Industry), Bangalore

       "What I liked the most in this Course is the following:

       1. 4 C approach. (This approach is crystal clear to transform any idea into action)  

      2. Visualization excercise (Activated my brain cell where I could visualize what I wanted and how to get it)  

      3. Focus on your want and what you're passionate about.  Overall a fantastic course.

      Pramod Shetty
      Supply Chain Consulting and Innovation (15 Years Exp), Qatar, Doha

      "Thank you, Bijay sir, for releasing yet another fantastic course. All the points you covered in this Course, I am experiencing in my daily life. I have been following PIM for 2years, started working on my growth path. I am growing in my professional career and also in my personal life. Thank you.."
      Dilip Gupta

      IT professional

      "This Course Gives: Clarity on what we are doing. An amazing Course that gives lots of clarity to make our decisions in life, find our passion, and implement our ideas ( business plan ) into reality..."
      Sanjay Kumar K

      IT Professional

      "Methodical approach to understand yourself and help you to grow. That is the crucial part of all Bijay's sessions under Peak Impact Mentorship. You will understand yourself by doing the task or workshop curated based on the session and love it..."
      Budhaditya das

      IT Professional